• Ford Android 8.0 Multimedija XTRONS PB78FSFIP-S (4 GB RAM, 8-Cores)

Ford Android 8.0 Multimedija XTRONS PB78FSFIP-S (4 GB RAM, 8-Cores)

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•Tinka šiems modeliams
For Ford Focus II (2008-2011) / Mondeo (2008-2011) / C-Max (2008-2011) / S-Max (2008-2011) (Please check the dimensions beforehand) / Galaxy II (2006-2011) (Please check the dimension beforehand) / Kuga (2008-2012) (Please check the dimensions beforehand)
Išmatavimai: 220*110mm
*Although we have made every effort to ensure this unit will be compatible with the listed vehicles, please check the year, dimensions and shape of the center console of your vehicles before purchasing.
1. Please ensure your car's central console is oval-shaped before purchasing, or it may not be compatible with your car.
If the central console is right angle with longer length, please refer to XTRONS PB78QSFIP-S.
If it is right angle with shorter length, please refer to XTRONS PB76FFFP.
2. Please check your vehicle's center console to see if there is a quadrate face panel outside the rounded face panel. If it is, then this unit is not compatible, please refer to XTRONS PB78QSFIP-S
3. Please check whether there is CANbus system in your car, if there is not, or this unit's CANbus is not compatible with your car, please connect the KEY wires and the ACC wire to power this unit on.
4. This unit doesn't support decoding your vehicles' air conditioning information.
5. This unit doesn't support Convers Plus function.
6. This unit doesn't support your car's original Sync function.

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